Monthly Review on The Inquisition of Climate Science
"Unequalled, combining scientific accuracy with clarity of exposition. Comprehensive in scope. Written in a lively manner accessible to the lay public; Powell is able clearly to explain phenomena that only a few decades ago were unclear even to specialists. Inquisition is the definitive popular refutation of many of the denialist arguments. Everyone who cares about global warming should have a copy."
Review of Rough Winds by Jason Kirk of Amazon
"Geologist James Lawrence Powell's first Kindle Single --framed as "An Oral History of the Great Warming"--was a fictional novella set in 2084. Though still concerned with global warming, Rough Winds instead looks squarely at the past, the very recent past, and it sticks to the facts: namely heat, drought, fire, rain, snow, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Powell opens with a searing catalog of the record-breaking North American summer heat wave of 2011, but he's just getting warmed up. What follows is a blistering array of data, pocked with occasional vignettes that portray the enormous suffering and damage that global climate change is kindling. In laboriously documenting both the specifics and the scale of our habitat's incendiary fury, Powell's explicit goal is to ignite action, but what it sometimes lacks in argumentative rigor, Rough Winds more than makes up for in detail and passion. "Only a fool," Powell insists, "waits to see the flames before trying to buy fire insurance." --Jason Kirk
Published reviews of The Inquisition of Climate Science
"The most comprehensive, illuminating and searing account yet of the murky world of climate change denial and the charlatans who populate it."--Irish Times

"This book is a winner, written in an easy, logical style with thorough and fascinating discussions of major deniers." -- Orrin Pilkey, Duke University

From The Skeptic Society
James L. Powell’s book, The Inquisition of Climate Science, [is] a masterful compilation of nearly all the evidence for the reality of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). The book skillfully articulates the consensus of climate scientists around the world and answers, point-by-point, the ridiculous attempts by AGW deniers to cloud and distort the evidence.

There are many . . . similarities between the tactics of evolution-deniers and climate change-deniers, many of which are documented in Powell’s book in great detail.

As Powell argues persuasively, the very idea that a scientific community, which is built upon the foundation of peer review and challenging accepted ideas and always double-checking each other’s work (especially if you disagree), would be able to put together a giant conspiracy about the data and cover it up—and that normally conservative organizations, from the insurance companies and big corporations such as General Electric and the U.S. military (all of whom have acknowledged the reality of global warming and are planning their futures around the projections of climate scientists) would all be in on the conspiracy—is ridiculous in the extreme.
Pre-publication reviewers of The Inquisition of Climate Science selected by Columbia University Press:
"I would not want to meet Powell in a dark alley. "
"A pugnaciously critical account of the climate denier community.”
"A devastating, crushing blow against the deniers."
"Well-written, clear, uniform texture, scads of irony, extremely well researched."
"The most detailed summary of the denier culture and its heroes anywhere."
"Unique in its completeness. A winner.”
“Well-written, intelligent, logically organized."
"Strikes the right balance between science and machinations of the denier world.”