Sic semper cerasus furati
Thus always cherry pickers

For more than a decade, global warming deniers have claimed that global warming has “ended” or “paused.” All such claims cherry-pick 1998 as the start-year. That year saw an extreme El Niño with temperatures well above the long-term average. By starting at a high point, you can falsely diminish the trend going forward. Then came 2014, the warmest year on record globally. But 2014 also put paid to the claims of a pause. As the animated chart shows, start the analysis in 1970 and the data point for 2014 lies exactly on the long-term trend line. The pause that never was has vanished.

Don’t be surprised if the next time a new high temperature record is set, and we will not have long to wait, the deniers will start counting from that year. Our motto should be, “once bitten, twice shy.”

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